Mackinaw Christian Church

Children & Youth

May the Peace of Christ be with you as we journey together.

In love, Your Mackinaw Christian Church Family

Our Covenant to the Children

We promise to…

  • pray for you.
  • listen to you.
  • explore questions about faith with you.
  • be honest with you.
  • remember God in our words when we are teaching you.
  • hold you accountable in your faith and let you hold us accountable too.
  • forgive you and to always welcome you.
  • love you and to see you as a marvelous child of God.

Youth Programs


We do not have children’s church, but we do have an area with a table, crayons, coloring pages, and books available at the north entrance. Children can hang out there during the service or take what they would like to use and sit with parents. They can feel free to get up to get different things during the service as well. 

Church Camps

Each summer we encourage children and youth to attend church camp at our regional camp in Southern Illinois. The church helps support children financially to attend and we have some counselors in our congregation too!

Learn About Church Camp

Mission Trips

Our youth who have completed 6th-12th grade are also encouraged to go on a mission trip each summer. For the last few years we have participated in the Disciples Summer Mission which allows us as a small church to get to know other youth throughout the country and serve different communities.

Learn About Mission Trips

A community that gathers together to worship, pray, support, and love one another.

We are a family church which means we are first and foremost relational. Everyone knows each other's names and we are there for each other through the joys and sorrows of life. We practice incarnation ministry. Just as God sent Jesus into the world to share God's love through teaching, sharing in meals, and laughing and crying with both friends and strangers we also share God's love through our action.

We are a family which means we do not always agree with one another, we have people with various beliefs and values yet we have chosen to gather together. Because we believe God's love is greater than our ideas.