Mackinaw Christian Church


Judith Guy


She has been pastor of MCC since October 2017. She received her Masters of Divinity from University of Chicago Divinity School. She loves telling stories, leading worship and getting to know others over a good meal. In her spare time she is learning guitar, enjoys bicycling and playing soccer, and spending time with her dog, Gunther.

Gwen Nunley

Office Administrator

Gwen has worked at the church as custodian since 1983 and as secretary since 1990. Her favorite thing about working at the church has been her interaction with the pastor & church family. When not at the church, she enjoys being with her grandchildren, reading, watching movies & Youtube diy videos, doing crafts, shopping, going out to lunch with friends. The church is so grateful for her welcoming presence in the office.


A community that gathers together to worship, pray, support, and love one another.

We are a family church which means we are first and foremost relational. Everyone knows each other's names and we are there for each other through the joys and sorrows of life. We practice incarnation ministry. Just as God sent Jesus into the world to share God's love through teaching, sharing in meals, and laughing and crying with both friends and strangers we also share God's love through our action.

We are a family which means we do not always agree with one another, we have people with various beliefs and values yet we have chosen to gather together. Because we believe God's love is greater than our ideas.